The birth of a fork

I went to Andy’s yesterday.   He’s started  the build for my new fork.  It was doubtful it would happen for a while, because the tapered True Temper legs I wanted were out of stock.  Andy gave a call to Walt of Waltworks fame, he had a set and mailed Andy the tubes on Monday.  What a guy!

The fork will have a segmented crown.  45 mm offset, 475 AC, hooded dropouts and braze-ons for Manything cages and H2o cages.  It’s also going to have clearance for a Knard!

I took my bike and an old Bruce Gordon rear rack to Andy’s too.   I’ve had the rack for around 15 years, and I bought it used, I had hopes of adapting it to work on my frame.  We decided after looking the fit over, that it wasn’t worth the effort, unfortunately.  The old rack is very different from what Bruce offers today.  I have a couple of other racks that I think will work,  they just won’t be as elegant or strong.   If I’m not happy with either of them I’ll order a Tubus, more than likely.


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