It’s been said, already, that maybe I should post something other than bike geeky stuff.  So here’s a start.  Photo was taken around 3 years ago by our good friend, Mike.  As we start traveling the geeky posts will drop dramatically.  For now, I’m just trying to get a feel for this blogging thing.  Hopefully, soon, the rider above will post something. 🙂

OK… just a little geeky stuff.  Both bikes you see were almost new at the time, custom frames from AMPeirce , and, as of today both riders say they are their all time favorite bikes.


2 thoughts on “Partner

  1. We’re looking forward to hearing Patti’s voice too 😉 It all gets much easier once there’s a journey happening. (not long now!). We’re so excited for you (and pretty jealous too). Tom, Sarah and Bryn

    1. Tom and Sarah (and Bryn!), thanks for the vote of confidence. It’s good to know you’re following. Sarah, you’re still invited to join us at some point. Tom, too, after his big adventure.

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