We fretted for quite some time over what, if any, computer we’d take on our year long adventure.  After much deliberation we both settled on Nexus 7 tablets.  Mine is the 32GB w/3G capability.  Patti chose the WiFi only 16GB version.  For a while Patti was considering a Macbook Air but decided the little Nexus would be a better option for her needs, considering the cost in both weight and monetary terms.  We decided, too, that life would be easier if  we each had our own device.


I briefly considered the Mini iPad but I’m really not a Mac person.  Plus, it’s pricier than the Nexus.  I just purchased this little keyboard for 19.00 and I think it will work well.  It doubles as a cover for the tablet too.  The tablet and keyboard combined weigh 1lb. 3oz (538gr.)


I’m composing this post on the tablet and the  little keyboard.  It will take some getting used to but the keys are much easier to use than the touch pad keys.  Hopefully in a few months it will be a breeze. 


I have the WordPress Android app installed.  Inserting photos from Picasa is simple but, not so much, with Flickr (yet).  The ES File manager App isn’t playing well with photos either.  The learning curve continues, sometimes the curve appears to be an unrideable switchback…

We’ll both have iPhones, at least in the beginning.  I’m torn about this because the little tablet can meet any of our needs that the phone can.  The phone will be much more convenient though, for on the  bike tasks, such as GPS, maps, etc.  I could possibly end up mailing the iPhone home.

One issue with the Nexus (and iPad mini) is that  you can import files but you can’t export them.  This means I’m unable to load GPX files from the tablet to the GPS, hence the iPhone- with the Gaia app it’s easy to load GPX files to the phone.

We’ll have no cell service and depend on WiFi and Skype for communications.  My tablet can take a SIM card for 3G service but we won’t buy it unless we have a WiFi shortage, which is doubtful in Europe.


We each have one of these plugs.  There is a 1 amp port, for the iPhones, and a 2 amp port, for the tablets.  By each of us having one we can charge both devices at the same time and will be able to use them while doing it. We also each have a Euro plug converter. A friend loaned us a 1500 MA external battery that we’ll take, it may come home if we can get by without it.


4 thoughts on “Communicating

  1. Gary, Unless you choose another Worpress theme, i think this is as big as the images will appear. The theme dictates the width of the text block and images. For example, mine allows images 584pixels wide, although like yours I can insert larger photos if readers want to click through. Some themes allow a slideshow feature such as on Joe’s blog. You’ll have to ask him how he arrived at that.


    1. Thanks, Nick. As you found out, I accidentally posted early. Sorry! The WordPress app is different and I didn’t realize I had hit the ‘post’ button, it doesn’t actually tell you that. The photos turned out larger in ‘person’ than they appeared as I was composing it. Within the app, and on the photo, is a control for photo size but it didn’t appear to make any difference. Then when I saw the post they were plenty big.

  2. It took me a bit of playing around to work out how to get photos doing what I wanted – with the Chateau theme I use for the bicyclenomad blog it turned out that the vertical images needed to be size reduced a bit. I only worked this out after multiple multiple previews… Unlike Joe I’ve not posted directly from my phone much so I can’t help much with the App. It’s also maybe worth previewing a few more themes now that you’ve got some posts up to compare.

    I would also very much second having something for both of you. Life got much better on our trip once Sarah got her iPod touch in addition to the MacBook Air. On the subject of phone photos – all the photos in my latest post were phone taken. It turned out better than I’d thought, but I couldn’t do it on a regular basis…

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