The good old days

Early GaryThis photo is from around 1987 or 88.  A race at the Cedro Peak area east of Albuqurque.  I’m riding a Bridgestone MB-1 with Dirt Drops, which I’ve flared out a bit more than stock.  I rode this set up several years.  Photo courtesy of my old friend, Mike Lucero.

Clicking on the photo will enlarge it, slightly.


4 thoughts on “The good old days

    1. I actually had two different MB-1’s. I rode the first one, which was the complete bike, for 3-4 years. The Bridgestone rep offered a new frame for a decent price so I bought it and had it painted locally to something a bit fancier. All told I rode MB-1’s for around 6 years. Patti also bought one of the white ones shortly after we met in 1991.

      I, and many others, used a Silca pump (with a Camy head) mounted behind the seattube. The stripes on this frame were done by me with pin striping tape.

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