Bike prep

Yes, another bike geek post.  Patti is in charge of the other posts, for now.

It’s been a busy time, we leave Monday, bright and early, for DIA.  We’ve tended to a million details and we’re really close to being ready.  I have a few photos of the bike prep for my bike.

Here’s the new fork Andy made for me.  I’d planned to have Anything/Manything mounts and H2o mounts both on the fork legs.  Unfortunately, because of the tapered legs, which I requested, it just got too crowded.  There really wasn’t room for both mounts.  I decided to just go with three braze-ons on each leg, I also decided to mount them inline with the wheel as opposed to offset.  This gives me the option to mount some big bags with no worries of wheel/bag contact.

It’s hard to see but I covered the main triangle tubes with Helicopter tape in hopes of still having paint there after a year of the frame bag rubbing and chafing.  The bike has either new or repacked bearings everywhere.  Both bikes have been gone through from one end to the other.

I chose to run the cables over the bar.  I’ve had the housing wear through when the cables run between the bar and the bag.  I put heat shrink tubing around the housing in the area that it rubs the bar.  The front brake cable goes around the back of the fork and it goes between the bar and bag, but it doesn’t move so wear won’t be an issue.  I decided to go with thumbies for the trip.  On the brake lever/cable junction I added a length of road tube to help with dust and moisture contamination.  I have full length housing everywhere.

AMPeirce custom Ti bars at 13 degrees, Paul thumbie mounts with 9 speed bar-end shifters.  Sram foam lock-on grips and bar-ends.

Behind the fork cable routing.

BB7 mechanical discs for reliability.  Chris King hub that I’ve had for some time.  The King Cage Manything cages are a new item, they aren’t on the website yet but are available.  I  got these directly from Ron at NAHBS.  They were only available in Ti.  This is King Cages answer to the Salsa Anything cages that broke if you looked at them wrong.  I’ll be using custom Porcelain Rocket bags on the forks that Scott originally made for the Salsa cages.

The bikes are all done.  I’ll have more photos soon when I get time.



6 thoughts on “Bike prep

  1. Nice documentation Gary. You’re picking it up pretty good.


    Good thing you don’t have Patti’s picture on your workbench anymore, it might’ve distracted from your main subject.

    Your Porcelain Rocket hyperlink just took me to a blank page. Thought you might like to know. The King Cage one worked.

    I’ll leave some other comments on the page itself.



    1. Actually, PK’s photo is still there, she just turned it around so no one could see it. Thanks for reminding me, I should put it away. 🙂

      I’ll fix the link, thanks.

  2. Oh, I see how this works now.

    Gorgeous fork by Mr Peirce.

    Why did you use the barend/Pauls combo rather than regular thumbshifters? Or are 9 spd t’shifters not available anymore? The routing looks great for the handlebar bag setup.

    What’s that on your headtube, a sticker or did you get an AMPeirce headbadge?

    1. I have some old thumb shifters but they’re 7 speed. I had the 9 speed bar ends on the cross bike and borrowed them. The Paul mounts I bought for Patti’s, now sold, Crosscheck. If you want to run 9 speed and thumbies you have to either go this route or use the IRD/Microshift shifters.

      The head badge is a sticker Patti found. It has helicopter tape over it. Yea, we’re all still waiting for AMPeirce head badges. Tammy has some great designs.

      1. Oh, Velo Orange also has some thumbie mounts, I think they’re cheaper than Paul’s and they are hinged.

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