Just a quick note to say that  we made  it to  Copenhagen without  any  complications.   The bikes are  undamaged.   We  were  both  really tired  last  night  and went  to bed  around  8:00. 
We both were  wide awake by 3:30 AM this morning and surprisingly  it’s  already  getting  light  by then.   Sorry,  no photos  yet as  I need  to pick up  a  cable today  that seems  to  have  disappeared.


11 thoughts on “Denmark

  1. Love hearing you guys are safe and sound. Think about you all the time! Kent and I are trying a little bike back this weekend…we’ll see how it goes. Ride up Cascade Divide Road, Camp at the base of Grizzly Peak and hike it or the area and then ride home. The flowers are supposed to be awesome already. Love you guys!

  2. Hhmmmm, I’d read that night on the North Sea in high summer is from sorta midnight to maybe 3:30. So it’s true?

    1. Hi Dave, I’d say that’s about right. The days are incredibly long. Our head lamp batteries should last well into fall.

  3. Hi Patti and Gary,
    Glad to hear the flight went well. The fires are taking off on the Pagosa side. I sent a few photos to your e-mail.
    Enjoy the trip!

    1. Thanks for the photos, Steve. It rained on us all night last night. I wish we could share it. Beautiful today though.

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