The first days are sometimes the hardest

Copenhagen was beautiful, majestic, amazing and  trying.   We left, maybe, sooner than we should have but I think  we both were ready. We aren’t really city people, especially in a strange city.

Trying  to  find  the  cable  we need  to  load  photos  has been a disaster. It seems it isn’t available anywhere in Denmark. I’ve been to over a half  a dozen electronic stores and no one  has it. I really regret not getting it while I was in the US.


This  is  the little Air B&B we  stayed in.  It was nice.   Small  and cozy.  Unfortunately, it smelled of cat  urine. Still, we enjoyed it.

The photo above  was taken with the phone and sent to the flickr account.  You  can go there  to see the few photos we’ve taken. I have  quite  a few  on  my camera  but  have  no way  to load  them.  

The elusive cable is called an OTG (on the  go), it’s a micro USB for the tablet end and a female USB to plug into the card reader.  I’m a bit amazed it’s not available here. I had it at home before we left and it has disappeared.

Until we find a cable we’ll have to  use  the phone’s cameras and post to flickr.  The link is at  the  top of the  page. We’ll post photos there each time we have Wifi access.

We’re in a town called  Kobe now,  using their Wifi and electricity at the library to charge up.

The riding has been great. We’ve managed to be on dirt a fair amount of the  time, after we got out of Copenhagen. If it weren’t for the technology issues everything would be perfect.  The air is thick and damp, the temperature is just  about perfect.  We had some rain yesterday and didn’t even need the rain jacket, the rain seems to be as warm as the air.

The next time we post may be from Germany.



12 thoughts on “The first days are sometimes the hardest

  1. Don’t worry too much about the technology Gary, much more important that you are having a brilliant time than being able to share images with the rest of us, but thanks for the effort!

  2. If you have an idea of where you going to be, I’d be happy to ship a cable to you.

    The pics are great. How are you finding your route? Asking locals or did you have it planned before you left? Are there many folks who tour off road over there, similar to the GDR folks here?

    1. Thanks, Mike. I’ll let you know on the cable. I have no idea where to have you send it to right now. Maybe it’s available in Germany?
      I’ll do a post on our route with links soon.

  3. And that cable was 6 blocks from the bus station…I’m so sorry! You’ll remember the rain (and maybe the cat pee) more than the cable. Draw us more word pictures. That works great!

  4. Gary – the cable is available from – Do you have plans to stop at any WarmShowers homes – you could certainly have it shipped to one of the WarmShowers hosts so you could pick it up when you get there.

    1. Hi Jay,

      My bike is probably around 50 lbs and Patti’s is probably 45, or so- without food and water. Right now I may be around 65-70 as we found a mess of good food in a grocery store dumpster, which I found when I emptied my trash bag. It’s fairly flat here so weight isn’t much of an issue.


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