Ostsee Cycle Route

We’ve decided decided to follow the North Coast Cycle Route.   In Germany it’s called Ostsee,  which I  believe  means ‘North Sea’.   Yesterday we went through Kiel,  a city of a quarter of a million  people.   They’re having a huge festival and we were told there were a million visitors.   Part of this was a huge contingent  of old sailboats.  As far as cities go it was good.  Again,  both our stress levels rose a bit dealing with the crowds and finding  things.

The route offers a variety of surfaces, ranging from city streets to paved paths to dirt trails.   Germany has great bicycle infrastructure, not quite as good as Denmark,  of course.

The people here seem more  serious.   They’re more than willing to help  any  way they can but when focused on a task they are really serious about it. We’re seeing more overweight people here too, sometimes it seems like we’re in the  US in many ways.

The weather has been unseasonably cool, we’re told. We tend to get a bit of rain every day but haven’t had any all day rains.   The weather suits  me (Gary) well.   Patti,  not so much,  but she’s doing fine with it.

We’ve been to  two libraries here and neither had computers with USB slots so I haven’t been able to load any recent photos. 

I’m thinking I’ll have the cable I need shipped to Amsterdam so we can post photos directly then.   I’m also considering a solar charger.   Places to plug in to charge up have been sparce. Finding reliable wifi has been quite challenging too.   Free wifi is rare.

This is my first post composed offline and at our campsite.   It’s 6:30AM Wednesday.   Hopefully I’ll be able to send it out  today.

Patti and  I have been out a week now.  We’re finding our groove, this is  all starting to feel  normal.

Our photos can be viewed on our flickr site. I have a mess of photos on the camera,  hopefully we can post  them soon.


2:30PM….We just found a library to post  to flickr,  76 new photos.  🙂

Sorry I don’t have time to post any of them to the  blog.



8 thoughts on “Ostsee Cycle Route

  1. Miss you both! I’m staying inside a lot because of the smoke, but less wind now. YEAH!
    Enjoy! Love the pictures…love to you.

  2. Gosh, Thanks guys for putting up the pictures and writing the blog. Every morning I check to see it you’ve put something up. I love it. Where are they now? heehee. The North Sea coast looks cold! But what doesn’t when you’re looking from the Rio Grande Valley in late June?

  3. So nice to read about your adventure, beside the elusive cable all sounds perfect, even the weather to me! Patti, you are such a stinker!!!! Milcah just came in with a very generous gift certificate to “Three Barrel”!!! I had to laugh and said ” It is so hard for this girl to receive a gift!” lol. Well you all left just in time, the smoke from the fires has been really bad. When able and bored look at photos on my face book. Stay safe, Have a rocking, Rolling time!
    Love you Guys!

  4. Great pictures! Looks like you are having a blast. Dad, if you wanted to go with a Goal Zero solar charger I can get you about 30% off. Let me know if you want to go that route and we can work out the logistics of getting it to you.

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