Nord – Ostsee Kanal


We decided to head inland yesterday.  We’re on a canal route,  the Nord – Ostsee Kanal, which connects the North Sea to the Baltic  Sea .   Much of the canal route looks similar to this.


Sometimes it turns inland to get around a side drainage or to  head into a town.


We even found some hiking routes.


Many routes  converging or sharing.


Camp next to a trail on the edge of a town.  No one seems to mind, we’ve camped right next  to trails most nights.


The canal is surprisingly busy with  boats large and small.

Today (6/27) it rained pretty much all day. Because of this I took almost no photos as the camera was tucked away in a dry spot.

I found the cable I need!  I had about given up on it.  As you can see,  we can now post photos from the camera to the blog.  This post is being written in the tent while it’s raining. I’ll send it out next time we find  wifi.



6 thoughts on “Nord – Ostsee Kanal

  1. well, despite the rain, you seem to be finding good riding and interesting scenery. good news about the cable! I Have you checked out any bike shops? Nice that you can camp right next to the trail without any hassle.

  2. Really Cool. Had you been camped there in early March of 1941 – an idea which seems to have conceptual difficulties – you would have seen the Bismarck steam past. 🙂

  3. We find that camping near towns and next to ports is a fun complement to backcountry travel. Hope you discover that you feel the same way. Looks like a terrific campsite!

  4. So awesome. It looks so grant. A life of connection to what is… every moment. Glad to see the pics. It finally rained here too! WE so needed it. Love the updates.

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