Duplex – Patti

This post is intended to house the interests of two very important families of friends, both near and dear to my heart – my knitting family and my ultralight bike packing family.


In the first house ….. the winner is!!!!!  ME!!  Each New Years I set a goal which is simple and attainable such as learning to make bread or sushi ….things of that nature.   This year my goal has been to learn how to knit socks and to give both of my brothers a pair.  The picture above is my first and only completed pair of socks which would never fit either of my big footed bros – so I guess I’m the winner of socks #1.  Pretty, aren’t they?? These fine socks are made of Opal sock yarn from Sweden, 4 ply fingering yarn on # 2 US needles.  It only took me about 80 hours to make these suckers so George and Rikki….. hang tight, your socks are coming!!!

In the second house….. to the interst of all things light and effecient – these Saucony Hattori shoes are IT!!!!  Being married to the master mininimalist, Gary, one thinks about these things.  I have brought these shoes with me on our trip and not a day goes by that I don’t tell Gary how much I love these shoes, how comfortable they are and as you can see, stylish above all.  And, they roll out at an impressive, little, 4.4 ounces – no kidding!!!

And that, folks, is the end of my second post…. until later!!!  Patti

11 thoughts on “Duplex – Patti

  1. Hurrah! Awesome job and they are more beautiful on YOU. There’s been little activity in the knitting group with much summer humm buzzing about. But as you make your way around the Continent, I will keep you posted with what is new and old and far inbetween. Hugs to you both, Sally

  2. Love them, where did you get the shoes????? Hope all is well. Fires here have abated some. Had a little rain last night. Hope you get some sun soon.

    1. Hi Jay /Jane, Patti found hers at Sierra Trading. I found mine in Whitefish last summer. Patti liked them enough that she got a pair too.

  3. Your socks are AWESOME! and I got to see them “in person”. The knitting group kind-of fizzled–summer, I guess. But we’ll keep it going just waiting for you to come home. Sorry about your cold, Patti, AND cold weather. The smoke has dissipated and the last three days have been wonderful. Miss you. Enjoy!

    1. Cass, Patti said early on she wanted to make you some ankle warmers. At this point you’ll have to wait a while. I bet you’ll find some nice new ones in Peru.

  4. WOW!! I so want to be with you 2<3 sooooo bad:) Your PICS are amazing … I just sent your blog to Kristen steed she is curious:) Tom and I just got back from British Columbia…we backpacked the Juan De Fucha Trail..eeeesh kicked my &%$! Soooo I am going through withdraws you 2 missing you!! how was your birthday patti??? BTW I am not going back to BOCES……..more soon with all my heart!!! HUGS

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