We like Germany

Soon we´ll be leaving Germany.   We’re really enjoying it.  The people have been great. The scenery, since it’s all new to us, has been enjoyable.  The culture is surprisingly similar to ours. It’s still very much a car culture but the public transportation and bicycle infrastructure is much better than ours. Food prices are much cheaper than in the US,  which has been a treat.We’ve been following the North Coast Route and are now heading south. We’re in a small town called Nordenham and will head towards Leer today, maybe, Patti has caught a cold and isn’t feeling great.  We may stay put until she’s feeling better.

We´ve had wind, a lot of wind.  We´re the only people we´ve met going south.  Everyone else seems to be smart enough to have the wind help them. 🙂

We had hard, cold and windy rain for about 48 hours straight a few days back.  We guess we received around 4″ of rain from the storm.  Due to the rain we´ve avoided riding dirt much and have stayed on the paved routes.  Its been´quite cold for some time.  Today is clear, warm, sunny and calm, finally.

Behind my bike, and to the right, is the dike that protects the area from the sea.  The paved bike trail runs right along it for many miles.  Quite a few shops along the way are catering to cyclists.

We asked at a community garden, on the edge of a village, if we could camp there.  The caretaker was happy to have us stay, he offered us fresh strawberries, cookies and beer too.

We´ve taken several ferries, this one is a mirror image of the one we were riding.

Food has been incredibly inexpensive in Germany.  Overall it´s around 30-40% less than the US.  Beer is cheaper than bottled water! Wine is also inexpensive.  We´ll miss this the most about Germany. One Euro=1.33 US dollars

In a couple of days we´ll be in Holland.  We´re in Nordenham this AM.  Patti has come down with a cold so we´ll probably stay close to town today.  Hopefully tomorrow we´ll be on the move again.

More photos on Flickr. I add photos more often to Fickr than I do blog posts so check in there whenever you want.  Or, if you´re really motivated, you can subscribe to be notified by email when we add photos, you´ll need a Yahoo account, I believe, to do this. You could then comment or ask us a qustion about an individual photo.

I´m using a German keyboard with odd characters and no spell check.  Sorry about the typos. 🙂



12 thoughts on “We like Germany

  1. We’re all praying for rain around the valley as the fires continue to rage. So, send it our way and try to keep dry. I hope Patti begins to feel better soon. You both have a lot of gumption and bravery! Kudos………. keep moving only 345 more days.

    Karla & Scott Stockley

  2. Fun keeping track of you guys, nice that there are more pictures now! It would be a little tough to bear with all that rain. Patti, stay dry and get over that cold.

    Monsoons are starting here, thank God. The heat of June has been broken up.

    1. Thanks Amy! Your big trip starts soon doesn’t it? I’m really wanting to do a version of the trip you and Jim did in Spain. I hope to be in touch this fall about that.

  3. I am totally enjoying your trip from home. Patti get better soon and send a little rain this way.
    Joy D.

  4. Thanks for all the pics. Since I can’t be there, at least I can imagine it. Also, thanks for naming the towns you pass through. I’ve been checking them out on Google maps to see your route.
    Finally a couple of big dumps here in Albq. And the temps are down out of the high 90s for a few days. The break is very welcome.

    1. Hi Mike, we’ll be in Leer in the AM and then. In Holland by tomorrow night.

      It’s great to hear the SW is getting some moisture.

  5. Hi Patti and Gary,
    Great photos. Enjoy the rain and mud! I like that rusty front fork. The fires are slowing down here. Only 90,000+ acres burned so far. The monsoons have started.
    Enjoy that great beer………. Steve B.

    1. Thanks, Steve. Keep us posted on the fires. Oddly, they’ve had flooding in this area. Did you see the Canadian section of the Divide is closed due to flooding?

  6. Yes, it is fun watching your progress through Europe. Guess I will let you do all the research but think I might have to head out there next year, but do it a bit differently! Got my good German/Norwegian connections, ya know!
    Smooches, Rita Gail

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