Just a quick post.  We’re in Leer, Germany.  Patti’s feeling better but still coughing some.

I just added some photos to Flickr. I also created a set for food and also a bikes set.  We’ll be adding to these sets as time goes by.

The weather has been great, for me anyway. 🙂  It’s comfortably warm with a bit of drizzle a couple of times a day. The wind has been quite calm, which is probably due to us riding inland as opposed to the coast.



8 thoughts on “Leer

    1. Hi Greg, we hit a grocery store in Holland last night and the good news is that it looks like beer, and food, is about as cheap here.

  1. I am enjoying the trip via notes and pix. I hope you have plenty of lube on the bikes. seeing the bikes in some of the pix if you don’t the rust will get started soon…

    1. Hi Dallas! Yes, I’m doing my best to keep everything lubed and rust free. So far it’s not been to bad. The weather lately has been great and that helps.

  2. Hey, you two….I hope all is well and that you’re still enjoying yourselves. Where after Germany?

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