We’ve made it to Amsterdtam.

So far, we’re really enjoying The Netherlands .

We don’t have images of Amsterdam yet.  These are all from the area around the German border to here.  We rode through several old cities that had architecture that was amazing.

And old.  Most of these towns were standing long before Santa Fe even existed.

We’ve seen a surprising number of families out touring.  Bikes out number cars in places.

Our chosen route invloved a ferry ride of 1 1/2 hours.

On Sunday morning we rode past this beautiful old church.  All of these bikes belonged to the parishioners.  We could hear music from inside.

And, yes it is legal here, we smell it all the time.  This field was at least 40 acres.  It was no where near the church though. 🙂

An amazing number of people live on boats.  This was a fine example of an old refurbished freighter that was someone’s home.  We were both envious!

We have seen some people wearing wooden shoes.   Surprisingly, this fellow was a construction worker.

Today was a busy day running errands.  We had our route all mapped out on the iPhone so the stress level was quite low.  It is quite an adventure riding through a city like this.  Rumor has it there are more bikes than people here.

We’ll be here another night.  We’ve had the VERY generous offer to stay in an apartment here.  The owner, William, stayed with us when he rode the Divide .  We are really grateful to have a comfortable place to stay so close to the city and to get all of our ‘life’ details taken care of.

We’ll have at least one more post before we leave.



2 thoughts on “Holland

  1. So many beautiful places, I have enjoyed the trip keep up the great reporting.
    It helps us not miss you guys as much…

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