Finding the groove…..

It’s taken some time to figure out how this new life will play out, but it might be safe to say that we are finding our groove – and it looks like this….

Like your trusted alarm clock or the first crow of the rooster our morning starts precisely at the moment that Gary lets the air out of his neo-air sleeping pad, a loud blast of a noise that if done while still laying on it, deflates it nicely making it ready to roll up.  And the day begins.  If I time things just right in 15 minutes there will be coffee, a dark, black pot of muck that has it’s fair share of caffeine, I’m sure.

After sitting around staring at the world and one another for a while that’s when the maps come out and we plan the days route – this can take some time.  Now that Gary has a SIM card for his Nexus we can access the internet for clarification and google maps.  Between the SIM card and google maps route finding has all but been solved which is a very good thing as it’s been the most stressful part of the trip thus far.    After we pack up we’re usually rolling somewhere between 8:00 and 9:00AM through country that may look like this…..

After riding for a few hours through new and usually interesting country the hunt for  a cafe begins.  This is not difficult as we roll through villages about every 10 miles or so.  Coffee and an ocassional pastry often looks like this…..

Part 3.  More riding through beautiful country ……

And then lunch somewhere along the way which may look like this….

More beautiful riding…..

Then somewhere between 4:00 and 6:00 PM the prowl begins…. for water ( which is no easy task)  and for food which can look something like this….

and a place to camp…. looks a lot like this…..

or this….

bedtime is anytime as long as we get our 10 hours in!!!

And that…. is the first report on the daily groove 🙂

Cheers!!  Patti


26 thoughts on “Finding the groove…..

      1. We should have told you in advance about WIFI and McD’s!
        You’ll gradually find creative ways to solve all of the maintenance activities: acquire food; find WIFI; launder clothing; shower; shelter from the rain; locate a pitch for your tent.
        Other things you should know, hmm — all villages in England have churches with a portico, a blessing when you need to eat a meal in the rain! Churches in Spain, sadly, have no portico, but it rarely rains, so no problem.
        Commercial caravan parks usually let you use just showers and laundry facilities without spending the night there – an efficient cheap way to take care of those two tasks.
        Many fishing ports have showers for the sailors to use before they they get back into their cars – great for itinerant travelers too. Same for recreational ports, full of fancy yachts – we just waltz in and use the showers like we belong there.
        Another thing you should know (based on our recent experience) – it can rain 25 of 30 consecutive days in NW Scotland; it may be beautiful there, but there’s a reasonable chance you will just see low clouds.

  1. Great post Patti! Happy Birthday in a couple of days by the way.

    Dad, it was good talking to you. Your future grandchild is the size of a lemon today, just in case you were curious.

    Stay safe,

  2. Happy almost birthday Patti! It’s good to hear your voice when you write. So much to celebrate in your routine! I’ve been watching the Tour and those guys in yellow are hardly complete without hand knitted socks….

    1. Thanks Katie. We have Skype so someday with a good connection (it’s rare) I’ll call! Miss you. Love to Charlie and the girls

  3. Thanks for giving us a window into your daily lives, Patti – great to hear that you are finding your groove! Sarah

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