What a great city and, also, a wonderful experience for both of us.


We had the honor of having breakfast with Michael, William and Linda.  Michael and William have both ridden the Divide and have stayed with us, but not together.  This was their first meeting. We’re staying with William and Linda,  they’ve been very generous and quite enjoyable. We are honored to be in their space.


Michael sold his old bike and just took delivery of this new Thorn Raven with a Rohloff hub. He wisely chose to use new panniers and racks too. He’s off today on a tour to Budapest. 


We rode through the city with William and Linda to meet Michael.  It’s a wonderful experience,  riding through Amsterdam during rush hour, especially with our guides leading the way. 


It’s almost like a dance, the ebb and flow of it all. People have been riding in busy bike traffic all their lives and it shows.  Things happen quickly but with grace.


                       Amsterdam is full of pretty people.


                                   And, practical too.

Tomorrow morning we head out again.  We’d be happy to spend more time here but I think we’re both ready to be out again.



10 thoughts on “Amsterdam

    1. Thanks for checking in. Come September 18 th we’re looking for someplace to go. Looks like either south america or turkey – maybe well see y’all!

    1. Freda!! I think of you all the time. Saw a sped class at the park the other day – made me miss all the kids. Enjoy your summer!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PATTI! great photos of Amsterdam. I was there in the dead of winter and it was still very enjoyable

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