Flat out soul food

Before we get too deeply engrossed in our current route of the Trans Pyrenees which,  by the way, is proving to dish up some fine dirt, huge mountains, easter egg green meadows and big waters, we wanted to pay homage to the number one road ride of our time.  There are some road rides which may rival such as those in the Gila outside of Silver City or the road from Mora to Angel Fire, both in New Mexico, but the ride from Rouquifuiel to Ax-les-Thermes in Southern France fed the soul like no other.

For us, what places a ride in this category must generally include features such as isolated,  winding,  narrow roads, fantastic views and lots of variation.   This ride had it all including a cool stream,  400 year old villages and a road barely wider than 8 or 9 feet.   It was like our own personal bike path with car traffic barely worth mentioning.   The grade was perfecto.   At the top I told Gary that it was like an IMBA trail crew designed it and built it.


At the base of the climb…


Passing interesting ways in which water is diverted for village use and hydro electric power….


Pretty things…


Intriguing passages…


A castle or two ….


With tales to tell….


Villages provide variations …


With lunch along the way…


La grande Pyrenees Appear…


With a room with a view….


The descent begins…..


As we come to they end of a perfect day 🙂



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