Warmshowers = warm hearts

Before we end the day we want to say a word of thanks to our most recent warmshowers.org hosts,  Ingrid,  Jon and their daughter, Lien from Southern France,  very close to the border of Spain.


We arrived at their house, a few days prior to departing on the Camino, absolutely drenched from riding in a biblical storm all day… We’re talking drowned rats kind of ugly things… like what the cat drags in.   These kind souls took us into their home,  fed us,  gave us an actual bed to sleep in and let us wash and dry our sorry clothes.   The next morning we awoke to yet more torrential rain and they suggested that we stay another day.   We hated to inconvince them,  but not as much as heading out into that rain again.   So,  they fed us again and entertained us and took us sight seeing,  fed us some more and we shared stories,  dreams and a passion for an alternative way to live one’s life.


All of Spain is at the beach in August as is evident at the beach in San Sebastian,  Spain..


Gary’s version of being at the beach 🙂


Cathedral in San Sebastian


The Basque flag  –  Jon is a proud Basque,  Ingrid is Flemish and Lien,  of course, is a blend of the best of both worlds.

To Ingrid, Jon and Lien…  Our doors are always open to you…. What goes around comes around.

And to the creators of warmshowers.org – cudos to you for for helping to make this world a better, more giving,  more accepting place to coexist…!!!!!  Deams are made from sharing and giving…..

Thank you!!!!!!

PS:  Jordi,  Marina and all the good folks at la sue d’ Urgell –  this means you too!!!


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