Last night we purchased airline tickets from Lisbon,  Portugal to Lima,  Peru for September 11th .   Tentatively we’ll catch a bus from Lima up to Huaraz.  We’ll stay in that area,  which is in the Cordillera Blanca of the Andes, till we’re ready to move on.  Food and even lodging is affordable there and we hope to hire a local person to tutor us on our spanish skills.  There is world class hiking and mountain biking in the area.  We’ve had several friends spend time in the area and everyone speaks very highly of it.  I was there with David and Shawna, over 10 years ago, for a brief time.




9 thoughts on “Peru!

  1. Hey Gary, Check out Olazas Guest House. Its in Huaraz. We stay there all the time. Its a few blocks from the center so its quiet. I think they charge 30 bucks a night but they have a great living room area and kitchen. Jay and I have biked all around there. Its wonderful. The hiking is amazing too. There are plenty of bike shops and tour guides for hiking to get beta from. Hope the weather holds for you. It can get rainy there in September. Love your posts. Have fun.

    1. Yeah.. 3 weeks is short but we’re ready for some high altitude.. You know. Been there done that.. Miss you so much Shawna Marie.. Come see us and bring your lovely husband along with you!!!

  2. Wow – Peru! You guys really are postponing nothing! I know that Peru is not actually close to Uruguay, but my hippy sister lives in Uruguay, if you ever find yourself in the vicinity – just let me know and I’ll put you in contact with her.

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