Arrested intelligence….

WARNING!!!!   This is not an advertisement!!!

How long have I been traveling,  bikepacking and backpacking???   Way too long to have just come to this discovery…  Did you know that you can replace all of these crazy,  annoying,  space sucking and weight adding bottles


with just one of these easy to use,  easy to store bottles that you can wash your hair,  face, body,  dishes and clothing with?   And did you know that if you get the  2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner it not only conditions your hair it also serves as a great moisturizer for your skin as well???


Ok,  now fess up…… how many of you have been keeping this a secret??

Xo…  Pk

PS:  And how many of you knew that I chopped my hair off really short once we got to Amsterdam… So that really helps as well.   Pictures not included – 🙂


25 thoughts on “Arrested intelligence….

  1. ok….just to be clear, you’re NOT going to use that stuff as toothpaste, right?! Keep the updates coming. I really enjoyed the photos and commentary about Portugal. I especially liked the photos of the beach(es). Good luck getting to Peru. are you going now to avoid the European winter?

  2. Hi,
    Enjoying your commentary. Jane is still struggling. Yup, I’ve been using just some shampoo for everything, including washing dishes. Not much hair- so that saves also. You just need a bit of Shampoo and sunscreen to slap on while still wet-spread out and off you go. Not sure where the toothpaste fits-need abrasives forcleaning- but you need less than in the toothpaste commercials. Chamois lube-chain lube, not compatible with toothpaste.? -but you can share, with two people.

    Sounds like you are very close to attaining Bikepacking Enlightenment…Patti
    Gary is soooo lucky to be with you.

    Have been to Huaraz, Peru, a bunch- check back for beta.


    1. Hey Jay… Good to hear from you!! Thanks for the comment.. I kind of felt like a genius about the shampoo thing… We’re going to be staying at Joe’s Place in Peru I think. We’ll probably be hitting you up for some info when we get situated there. Do you and Jane have any trips planned?

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Still, I’m not brushing my teeth with either one… Actually, I’ve been doing the shampoo as soap thing for some time but PK was hesitant. GB

  3. Hi! how far have you got? Did you make it to Lisbon? Do you need a place in Cascais? I meant to sent this earlier but haven’t had access for 5 days. I’ve been deep in el Salvadorian territory, sorry!

    1. Hi Nick, we’re actually in Cascais right now! We’re heading back north a bit today as we’ve befriended a fellow who owns a bike shop. We’ll replace some worn parts and box the bikes tomorrow. Our flight leaves Lisbon on Wednesday for Lima. Hopefully we can meet up somewhere in South America over the winter. Gary

  4. In Peru they sell 2 in 1 sachets for 60 cents everywhere so you don’t have to carry anything just buy a sachet when you get to a town. Also Dove soap works as a fairly good shampoo and conditioner (I’ve never brushed my teeth with it though).

    1. Thanks Harriet, I saw those packets hanging on a string in a store. While at Joe’s we’re just refilling our little squirt bottle from a larger bottle. We’ll use the packets once we’re back on the road for sure.

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