Recovery, Coca tea and friends….

It’s amazing how a little peace and quiet can make everything all better.   The day after my one sided battle with riding at 13,000 feet,  Gary and I headed for the hills.   We took a colectivo north to a small town called Yungay then a taxi up to a high mountain hostel and bingo,  I was instantly in a more positive frame of mind.   That and I was given my first cup of coca tea….oh, uh huh… .

When we got back to Huaraz the following day the hostel was bustling with friends whom we’ve made since we’ve been here…  Peace and quiet,  coca tea and friends…  A good recipe for self doubt.  

Back to the boogie man….  As long as 15,000′ foot passes exist it will still be there.   Granted, it’s pretty normal to feel like you’re sucking fumes from the bottom of an empty gas tank at 13,000 – 15,000 feet on a bike ,  but everyone says it gets better and if one is going to bike tour in Peru… well,  one needs to get used to it.   At the moment the thought just makes me tired.  At the moment Gary is in bed with a bad cold and his second bout of travelers tummy so I don’t have to deal with it…. Yet.

But,  I do have time to thank all our friends and family for the endless supply of support you’ve offered during this whole trip….  Keeps us missing you all,  but we wouldn’t have it any other way .  And do know that since we’ve been in Huaraz we’ve been getting tons of rest,  knitting done and books read…  🙂

So,  in the meantime meet a few of the cast of characters from life at Joe’s Place…


Vicky… She and her husband Joe are the creator’s of Joe’s Place…


Laurie,  from New Jersey…  Just got done with teaching English a second language in Chili and is traveling SA for a year.


Julia,  from the UK, is the manager of the Hof Hostel way the heck up in the mountains.   Her enthusiasm is fueling many projects up there.


Cass….  Many of you already know Cass,  but he’s an inspiration to all….  if you haven’t seen his new website and blog check it out-


Dimitri,  a happily laid off engineer with  severance pay… from the UK.   Dimitri is seriously funny… And he has wheels 🙂


Dimitri’s van that he bought in Bolivia…


Dimitri,  Laurie and Julia taking off in the van for a road trip to the jungle. 


A picture taken right before they left…  We’ll miss you guys!!

And……  Our plan??? At the moment it’s to get Gary healthy,  sleep,  read,  knit and eat!!!

Thanks again to everyone…

Xoxo Patti and Gary


8 thoughts on “Recovery, Coca tea and friends….

  1. Super glad to hear you’re on the mend Patty. Here’s hoping Gary gets over his stuff soon.
    Looking at the last pic, of course Gary get’s between the babes 😉

    1. that is hilarious Mike, I thought the exact same things as you, including the Gary position in photo! Report from albu-quirky: Dal and I just finished some tapas at El Farol … staying in guest apartment at the historic el Zaguan on Canyon Road in Fanta-Se tonight. Built in 1850. really cool, lots of original buildings etc. Did about 65 miles on the tandem today in SF Gourmet Classic. Lying here watching the fire dance sipping tea, miss you guys… Glad you are taking some time to just chill and get well rested. Love from Amy and Dallas!

      1. Honest! It just happened that way… maybe I’m just a chick magnet? 🙂
        Thanks for the ABQ news, Amy, keep it coming!

  2. Hi Gary and Patti!

    I have been following you both every step of the way all summer and it’s been an inspiration! What a truly fun and awesome experience! Seems like the way to go in Europe. Love the stories from Peru (one of my all time favorites- amazing country) and hope you both are feeling better. Some my best travel experiences have happened after crossing over to the “dark side” on long trips Patti. Sounds like you’ve found the light anyway! We’ve been back in Del Norte a few weeks, after an action packed summer, and are enjoying the fall weather and getting to see people. Biked Schrader Creek earlier this week- the cows and rain have had their toll on the trail, but it was still really pretty. I thought about you both that afternoon. Just curious what’s the general plan for the months ahead…Bolvia, Chile, Argentina (TDF)? Have fun and thanks so much for sharing your experience. it’s been a lot of fun be part of your adventure. Tricia

    PS Gary I also have to tell you my bike is still working perfect after the tune up. I haven’t ridden as much as normal this summer, but I am sure I’ve done about 20-+rides since May and it still feels perfect. Thanks for keeping my old bike alive. I continually comment on every ride how well the bike’s working. Thanks!

  3. PS I should have said after crossing back from the dark side (don’t want to to stick around there too long)… getting exhausted and having some doubts are always part of a big adventure which certainly are having! Keep the posts coming.

    1. Tricia, thank you, thank you! It’s really good for me to hear your thoughts. Actually I (Gary) have been flirting with the dark side much more than Patti. I keep thinking I’ll give it time and eventually I’ll get over this enormous pass but I still can’t really see the top. I have had a a few false summits, which keep me hopeful, but at this point I just don’t know when to turn around and decide I’ll never crest it. Your comment does give me a bit more motivation though, so thanks for that!

      I’m glad the bike is still working well. When I get home bring it to me again.

  4. Hi Gary and Patti,
    I’m digging your blog and Patti you do know how strong you are….I would of had to camp every 4000 feet! We miss you guys, we are heading to Moab this weekend providing we don’t get kicked out of our BLM campsite due to the Government shut down. See what you are missing! Take care, get plenty of rest and be safe.


    1. Good to hear from you!! Funny… Huaraz is at 10,000 feet so I’m good with camping every 4,000 as well. We miss moab!! Give the Larry a hug!!

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