Canon Del Colca

Just a quick post to let everyone know what we’re up to.

Take a giant mixing bowl, throw in a giant dose of Copper Canyon, Camino de Santiago and the Grand Canyon, add a handful of the Annapurna Circuit and a double helping of altitude. Stir vigorously, strap on your trail runners and enjoy…

Six days ago (it’s Monday the 21st) we took a three hour bus ride from Arequipa to the little town of Chivay in Colka Canyon. We’ve walked most of the length of the canyon so far, we’ve had the whole gamut of surfaces from paved roads to scrambling up and down washed out and forgotten trails.

Colca claims to be the deepest canyon in the world, twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, our map claims the canyon is 120 km long and 4160 meters deep (75 miles and 13,650′).

Tonight we’re in the bottom of the canyon (2100 meters, 6900′) in a little bungalow next to some hot springs. We descended 3940′ today to get here. We’ll climb back out the day after tomorrow on a different route, upstream from here.

This is our first post using only the iPhone, the photos are also taken with the phone. There has been virtually no wi-fi, I’ll upload this post at the first opportunity.


20131021-030402 pm.jpg

20131023-080759 pm.jpg

20131023-081006 pm.jpg

20131023-081051 pm.jpg

20131023-081114 pm.jpg

20131023-081138 pm.jpg


6 thoughts on “Canon Del Colca

    1. Hi Lee, we were at the condor site but it was too late in the day to see them. From the bottom of the canyon we never got a glimpse of them though. I have to wonder what they survive on as there is virtually no wildlife.

  1. Patti! So sorry to miss your calls but so happy to hear your little voice from far, far away on my messages. Striking pictures! Are you getting very wise out there in the world? I think, yes. Be safe. Love and miss you.

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