The universe answers…

You know the saying… “you get what you put out there?”…

Gary and I stashed some money before leaving Huaraz.   We agreed on a place,  made sure that we both acknowledged said place by checking in with each other.   The mistake we made is that we both agreed that there was a good chance that we wouldn’t remember said place…  I mean…  we put some serious,  conscious effort into this. And guess what??  Yup.   We’ve searched everywhere and can’t find it.   Just another reminder of the amazing power of intention.   Careful what you think because we have an amazing ability to make it happen 🙂


2 thoughts on “The universe answers…

  1. Oh, have I done that a bunch of times. Hopefully it’s in something you carry with, and it’ll turn up later. Good luck! and safe travels.
    Looking forward to seeing y’all. Much love, take care,

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