Yup…..  You guessed it…

Over the past 48 hours of non stop traveling a ridiculous amount of time,  talk and thought has gone into where that money is.   I really could have cared less about the money but playing the “Unsolved Mystery” game was a way to pass the endless time.  

Who has greater faith….  It seems to be Gary.

When we arrived at Dallas’ house in Albuquerque yesterday we took EVERYTHING out of our bags and laid it out,  side  by side, in his backyard to take inventory of what we’ll take home and what we’ll keep for the next few months.   Obsessively,  I took this opportunity to look in every nook,  cranny and pocket.   No luck.   I determined the money would never show up and liked the thought that someone stole it relinquishing me from any chance of early onset dementia.  Gary,  on the other hand insisted it would show up.   How,  where and when would this happen?   I smiled at his power of denial.


In one,  last,  feeble,  passive attempt I slid my hand into a secret pocket in Gary’s new pannier…  Bingo!!!

I laugh at the thought that this little exercise may just represent deeper personality traits.

We’re back from Peru….  Gary’s happy and I’m tired.

Much love!!   As always…


6 thoughts on “Faith

  1. Welcome back, guys!
    Love the money mystery tale. I’ve sure made some trouble a few times making a “special place” in the pack.for something. There’s the pack. Everything is literally within arms reach. But where? it could take forever to search the whole thing. And then it turns out to have pockets you didn’t even know existed.

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