Homesick… advance

Looking South to the Rio Grande from our front yard
Looking Southwest to the Rio Grande from our front yard. Del Norte Peak (12,400′) in the background.

Gary and I have been dragging our sorry asses around the house for 2 days now packing for a trip we leave on tomorrow.  We pack a little, take a nap, sit by the river, lay in the sun, go for a ride, visit with friends and basically drag our heals in any non-productive way we can find.  We’re going to the Northwest for crying out loud…… a favorite summer destination for half the country.  We’re going to see both our families and grandkids for Pete’s sake.  So what’s not to like?

june 2015 020

Leaving our little log cabin here on the banks of the Rio Grande, that’s what.  And that’s not all….. because of the recent weeks of rain we’re leaving the San Luis Valley in a state of such lush beauty, the likes we’ve not seen in our 14 years here – the wildflowers will soon be absolutely insane.  And there’s more – here on the Rio we live in a virtual wild life refuge with foxes, coyotes, deer, raccoon, owls, raptors, rabbits, water fowl of all kinds and birds and birds and birds with a morning cacophony of song and sound that wake with the sun.  We’ll miss the basic, deeply rich simplicity of our cabin life and sleeping in our loft at the base of an open window with a breeze which puts us to sleep. We’ll miss seeing the garden we’ve recently planted come to life. We’ll miss resting in the shade of a huge canopy of age old cottonwood trees which just now are decked out in their in full, green leaf regalia.  We’ll not see the collection of sunrises and sunsets ahead of us.  The river will continue to rise, and fall, the waters here today making it to Mexico by the time we get home in 3 weeks. We’ll miss all the spirited families with whom we have the honor of living with here  on the Colville ranch and village as well the many friends we’ve made here in the Del Norte area, some we’ve known now for 20 years.   I’ll miss the women of my weekly knitting group – they are woven now close to my heart.  I’ll miss my job and playing with the babies I’ve come to be so fond.  And, you are left saying……there has to be something they don’t mind leaving??  Sure, that’s easy, it’s the mosquitoes soon to hatch, but honestly, that’s about it.

Our front yard grounds crew
Our front yard grounds crew

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